Books are my Boyfriends

Let's get sexy. Literature-ly.

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Attack of the Yukasaurus!

Aces Halloween is so much fun! Why don’t we just do holidays for the rest of Aces?


KS: Oh my God, you guys, just make out already.

ES: Yeah, get a room. Make it a trampoline room like Goofy’s Bounce House at ToonTown. Actually, no- I call dibs on that kissing room.

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Cheerleaders are Magical Creatures

Well, they are!


KS: Emma you did such a good job on regular Cleopatra and Slutty Cleopatra, I want to be both for Halloween next year. I will be one during the day and the other during the SLUTTY SLUTTY NIGHT.

ES: I’ve done the ol’ Halloween costume change before. And by “costume change”, I mean pieces of costume coming off throughout the day so that by late afternoon, my costume is “more-tired-looking-version-of-morning-costume”

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Aces: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

It’s no fun doing a Halloween story if you can’t get your webcomic characters to dress up as the kids from the 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club…


KS: I teach at a performing arts camp over the summer, and every year there’s a theme dance. This past year it was a “Black and White” and a bunch of the counselors came as the 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club Kids. That’s where I got this idea. Never let it be said that I don’t cite my sources!

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Aces: 17-Year Olds Don't Dress Up For Halloween

It’s Halloween in the Aces-Verse. I love this page. I love our entire Halloween story actually. F—- it, I just love this comic.


KS:If you are a high school girl and you get your boyfriend to dress up as a cute-boots Batman to your sexy-girl Robin… You are a very lucky high school girl indeed…

ES: “Only someone ignorant of the fundamentals of psychiatry and of the psychopathology of sex can fail to realize a subtle…

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Aces Guest Comics, Take Three: Maggie Lei


KS : Thank you Maggie Lei for today’s take on Rosie’s Army of Doom, Death, and Destruction, from all the way back on Page 26 (for the original, click here.) Rocking work, Ms. Lei. I think Maggie’s guest comic should win the award for “Aces page you would least like to run into in a dark alley.”

Without further ado, a bit about Maggie: 

” My name is Maggie and I like dudes that look like chicks and heavy metal. (”